Business Success: Your Insiders’ Guide

Real business success does not happen overnight. Setting up a business and seeing it mature takes time and commitment, and a slew of other factors that you don’t usually read about. If you want to venture on your own and knock it out of the park, read on.

This is your insider’s guide to business success:

Your audience is watching, even if in silence

Never underestimate what you say or do publicly, especially online. Your target audience and people in general are always paying attention, even if you hear crickets. What to do? Always be alert and aware that what you say and do matters.

You are going to fail, so own it proudly

In the course of your life as a business owner, you will try a number of different initiatives. Inevitably, some of those are going to suck, quite frankly. This is part of testing, tweaking and growing. What to do? The future of your business success relies on focusing on those initiatives that rocked it, made you money, increase your following or yielded positive results. Wear your failures as a badge of honor because every time you fail or hear a no, you get closer to knowing your business inside out and start hearing yes.

You cannot do everything yourself

Sure, as an entrepreneur, you will always wear many hats. However, you will never achieve business success if you take care of marketing, sales, operations and everything in between yourself. Don’t be fooled. There are not possibly enough hours in the day to do everything, you are not the expert in all areas of business. Lastly and most importantly, your business needs you to free up your brain and energy to focus on strategic growth.

Magic happens when you feel uncomfortable and you operate outside the box

This I learned very early on. If you want results, you will have to operate outside the box (whatever shape that takes in your world) and feel uncomfortable. What I mean is, do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. To me, that meant getting on a plane to a trade show out of town and going booth by booth introducing myself, kicking fear in the butt and feeling extremely uncomfortable all along as I talked to strangers and offered services to a crowd who, for the most part, had better things to do. Coincidentally, that’s where my business success started.

Yes, it is all in your head

Your thoughts can make or break your business success. If you truly believe you will accomplish your goals, you will be unstoppable and unbeatable. If you don’t really believe it deep inside, you will self-sabotage your success. So take your pick.

The bottom-line here is you can absolutely achieve business success. It is all a game of commitment, resolve and testing and tweaking until you cross the finish line. Do you want to learn how you can set-up a rock solid business?

 Carolina Schwarz

Carolina Schwarz