You Are What You Say: Limiting What is Possible in Real Life

You might have heard before that your thoughts and language are extraordinary things.  You can or cannot know how this applies to real life, and what effects it might have in business and your overall well-being, but let me tell you one thing: the power to determine what is possible for you relies on what you think and what you say. So let’s dig in so you can take control of the tune in your head!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a terrific woman looking to quit her job and start her business. She was sharing with me that the plan was to take the leap in a few months, and she looked forward to talking to me some more about what she could do to set the plan in motion. So very exciting for her! A few lines further down into her email, she said something like “I know I won’t be able to match my current salary, but I am looking to be free and live life, albeit with less money.” That struck a cord with me, and I knew I had to intervene right there. I couldn’t possibly let a talented, smart woman get so much into her own ways that she would self-limit what is possible in her life.

My reply started with huge congratulations for taking the jump to live life on her own terms and told her it was going to great if she put in the work, which I had no doubt she would. I then invited her to take a look at her choice of words, because they reflected a much deeper belief, one which would certainly limit what is and what will be possible in her business for her from now on. I just said “If you already know that you won’t be making much money before even trying, guess what will happen?” My train of thought was, this is what will happen: she will attract clients who don’t believe in her worth, her prices will be too low for her to build a successful business, and she will spiral into a subconscious snowball which will ultimately prove her right.

Next time I talked to her, she told me that my comment made her snap out of it and realize what she was doing to herself. Turns out, I unleashed her inner power and now she feels unstoppable.  Of course, she is fully aware that the success of her business will also depend on the actions that she takes, which is why she was reaching out to me in the first place.

So this is my invitation to you. Be acutely aware of what you think and what you say. Your thoughts will determine the outcome of certain situations in life. By this, I don’t mean something silly like if you close your eyes and think that the room will clean itself it will happen, no, what I mean is that what you think will determine the outcome of those things that are within your power to control. Of course there is no rule that will determine this 100% of the times, but if you truly believe in something and your actions follow suit, you will see what is possible in your business and your life will multiply exponentially, giving way to massive results.

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