Leaving a Corporate Job to Start a Business: What Nobody Tells You

Your week comes with a dose of hating every day. Saturdays are ok, but Sunday afternoon sets in and you start feeling a knot in your stomach. On Monday you will be back to being stuck in traffic, you will be back to a workload you cannot possibly get to, or you will be back to an office that drives you crazy, or a salary too low for what you do. You somehow feel the end is near, because you have already made up your mind that one day you will be leaving your corporate job to start your own business. Good for you! Being your own boss is truly thrilling, but it requires a huge amount of self-belief and massive action.

You hear the great stories of entrepreneurs leaving their corporate jobs to start a business all the time, and you hear how they did it, what strategies they used and what breaks they got. What they usually don’t tell you are those simple hacks that started small and turned into life-savers.

These are a few that propelled my business:

1. Be very aware of your time: procrastination just became your worst enemy.

When you own your own business, your time is money. You cannot waste time, you cannot kill time, your time just became one of the most valuable assets.  You will find yourself tempted by “I can do this tomorrow because I am my own boss” or “I will do it later; who will know?” well, you will know, your I ‘should do’ list will pile up and you will never fully launch. Once you get into this modality, it is going to become pretty simple to slip into it and a silly way of not seeing real results.

2. In business, reinvesting comes before increasing your salary

Do you want your business to be a hobby or a successful business? If your answer is a hobby, or it is a side or temporary hustle, then by all means pay yourself whatever you want, increase your salary and spend it on expensive shoes, handbags and dinners. If, on the other hand, you want to actually build a successful business, then beware of the fact that your income will only skyrocket once you put the right systems in place, and that will require investing. With time, you will see that your investments will pay off, because you will be able to increase your profits faster and more dramatically. After all, you never thought of leaving a corporate job to start a business thinking they were going to play small, right?

3. Be fearless. In real life, as in some movies, success knocks at the doors of those that dare greatly

How can you be fearless and accomplish your dreams? Go for things that make you feel uncomfortable, push your own boundaries and preconceived limits. Call a client lead and offer your services, record a video and broadcast it to the world, smile in the face of rejection knowing that every no gets you close to a yes, or anything else that is totally out of the ordinary for you. Do those things that take you out of your comfort zone. Do it apologetically, do it often.

Whatever route you take, know that leaving a corporate job to start a business is indeed one of the most thrilling things you can do for yourself. But be fully aware that your five senses, your heart, soul and mind need to be aligned as you step into your newfound freedom.

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